How to get free books + support the authors

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Here is a PSA about reading pirated copies of ebooks—->


Did you know there are lots of ways you could potentially get your hands on a free book? It’s true! It might take a little bit of effort, but you could come away with free books and maybe even a new friend. I have!

Frankly, I think the free exchange of art isn’t always a bad thing. Art is a profound part of the human experience. I have shared my writing for free just for the joy of sharing in the craft. But creative endeavors are an investment, especially when we expect people to pay money.

Please remember that ebook piracy hurts, especially indies! We don’t have the same resources as traditionally published authors. A lot of us are not in this for the money, but some of us rely on it.

If you’ve been affected by piracy, I’ve included some simple steps you can take. I also want to thank the fabulous Julia Scott (author of The Mirror Souls) for bringing attention to this!

Now, none of these suggestions guarantee a free book, but you’re chances will go away up if you try them!So, without further delay, here are just a few ideas for you to get a book for free (or cheap) AND support the author!

Ask your library to stock it

This is simple, easy, and a really good way to give your author exposure and a little money (because the library usually purchases the book). Your library might even have a form you can fill out on their website, so if you don’t particularly like the idea of talking to a person, don’t be discouraged!

Request a review copy

Sometimes authors are willing to give out review copies of their books, especially if the person requesting has decent following on social media. Books close to publication are likely to need reviews, but there’s no wrong time to ask. The promise of a review is very valuable.

Follow the author & wait for a beta or ARC call

Most indie authors (and traditional authors) give out Advanced Reader Copies ahead of publication. Sometimes they will ask for betas or critiques before that point. When following the author you can check their posts or just ask if this is something you can help with. If you can give valuable feedback, you will get a good reputation with the author and you could get access to more content in the future.

Ask about promos, sales, or giveaways

Honestly, you may inspire the author to run a promotion or giveaway, knowing there is interest in their book. It never hurts to ask.

Barter for it

Bartering is a bit of a lost art, but it’s not dead yet! Just like offering feedback, if you have another valuable skill (such as art, marketing, editing, or literally anything that may interest the author you contact), see if you can trade. Just remember, this scenario is not about the dollar amount. You should respect what the author considers a fair trade as much as they should respect what you consider a fair trade!

Use KindleUnlimited

This is not a free option… but it is really cheap for the avid book lover! KindleUnlimited has TONS of titles available and chances are pretty good you have a favorite author whose books are available this way! The cool part is that the authors get paid if you use it. So the task here is to read the book! I’m guessing you were already planning to do that.

And don’t forget, leaving a review for books you’ve already read is the easiest and best way to support your favorite authors without spending a dime!

How to help the problem of piracy

Have you seen a pirated copy of an ebook by one of your favorite authors? If so, you can be a MASSIVE help if you alert the author and/or their publisher. I contacted some of my favorite authors on Instagram, and a few of their publishers, to let them know about these websites so they could report the piracy. As a reader, doing this simple thing is HUGE.

If you’re an author who’s been affected by piracy, I’m sorry.

Next week I’ll be blogging in detail about the steps you can take to battle ebook piracy (here is that blog). In the meantime…

Here are some simple suggestions for battling ebook fraud

  1. Email the website and/or host and tell them to take it down.
  2. Create a DMCA takedown notice and email that too.
  3. File a copyright infringement notice and/or spam notice to Google and remove the search results.
  4. Message other authors if they’re books are on these sites as well. The traditionally published authors may have more resources, but indie authors should also be made aware.
  5. Check suggestions from other bloggers or websites.

Until next time!

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