I’m publishing my book… again, but better!



First big news: I’m hosting an ebook giveaway for Joy’s Summer Love Playlist so you can get a copy FOR FREE! 100 ebooks will go out to winners, so unless this thing takes off, your chances of winning are pretty solid! Entries start tomorrow!!

**Here is the link for the Goodreads Giveaway!**

And second big news…

Joy’s Summer Love Playlist is going DELUXE! *cue sparkly sounds*

I am so excited to share more about what’s coming! I have not revealed the release date for this one. Not sure I want to run into the same old problems again, you know, accidentally releasing my book early and all that. I do have a reveal date below, so mark your calendars!

And just in case you are a lucky winner in the big giveaway, rest assured that the Deluxe Edition will be worth cracking open FOR SURE!

This new + improved book will have:

  • BOTH Joy’s Summer Love Playlist, the novel, + B-Sides, the companion book
  • A brand new exclusive short story, titled Joy’s Beach Mix
  • Artwork INSIDE the book by the cover artist!
  • A reimagined cover and inside

So really, it’s like the first book except it comes with new art and an additional book’s worth of bonus fan fiction written by the author, which is me. Yep!

I’m announcing special Pre-Order boxes that will be SUPER limited! They’ll have little summery gifts and an early release, signed copy of this beautiful edition. I’ll of course be giving away one of these boxes!

Here are the dates to keep in mind coming up!

April 18th-May 10th – Goodreads JSLP giveaway!
April 23rd – Exclusive art print by R.A. Rambones reveal!
May 1st – Release date announced!
May 14th – Cover Reveal!
And much more to come…

If you’re interested in helping me launch this book, which includes a shot at an ARC, fill out this form! If you’ve already filled it out, an email will be going out to you shortly about the launch tasks you can participate in and the preliminary dates for launching this beautiful new version of Joy’s Summer Love Playlist!