The Meme Team

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What about them memes?

I realized that the more readers who pick up Joy’s Summer Love Playlist, the more members I have on my meme team! What’s a meme team? It’s a phrase that rhymes. Also, it conveys a group of people who all understand the same goal…

Which is obviously to laugh at (and maybe make) memes.

I figured it was worth compiling them all in one place so you can get that endorphin hit all at once.

All of the following memes are related to Joy’s Summer Love Playlist. I made most of them but a couple of them were made by people who also loved the books. If you haven’t read the book, don’t worry! I’ll separate them by if they’re non-spoilery or spoilery! Even if they don’t make total sense, you can get a little laugh in.

If you have read the book, please enjoy them all! And on the off chance that you have your own #TeamMeme memes for JSLP, email them to me a

Seriously. Do it. I want them.

Non-Spoiler Joy’s Summer Love Playlist Memes

Created by Benet Stoen

Spoiler JSLP Memes

DO NOT READ if you haven’t read the books (unless you like them spoilers)

Created by Cait-Elise Vandiver

Last but not least: the memes I just made and haven’t been seen before because why not?