Indie Book Gifting Series: Part One

Gifting doesn’t need an occasion, but with Christmas season nearing ever closer, I thought now would be a wonderful time to create a list of Indie Books that would be perfect for many kinds of book-lovers! This is part one of the Indie Book Gifting Series. (And here is Part Two and Part Three.)

This recommendation list is going to be categorized by genre, and will include a “clean” level so you know exactly what you’re diving into. Remember, when you buy a self-published book, your support goes directly to a real person, not an industry. Readers, new and old, are just as much a gift to us indie authors as we hope our books are to them.

Remember, when you buy a self-published book, your support goes directly to a real person, not an industry.

Before I get on to these awesome book recommendations: I have a bookstore called Piper Bee’s Indie Nexus where some of my best author friends have their books listed. You can browse that here! I make a (very) small profit on the sales, so if you’re in the market for some indie books, I would greatly appreciate your support.

Also, about the clean rating, you can read my definitions for these ratings at the bottom of this blog.

Now, let’s get to the catalog!


What Love Washed Up by Catherine Brusk

Jessi Campbell is trying to trust the Lord to give her freedom from the turmoil of being sex trafficked. What she doesn’t expect is for Him to use the most unlikely of characters to help….

“It’s been years since I’ve read a story as moving as this. From the first line I was completely captivated by Kip and Jessi.” Amazon review

Perfect for: New Adult readers
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: Redeeming Love
Purchase What Love Washed Up here!

Love at On Deck Café by Leah Dobrinska

A change-adverse, community-focused café owner has her world turned upside down when a smooth-talking developer visits her small town and disrupts a sacred landmark; but when sparks fly, the pair must face their differences head on, all while their hearts—and livelihoods—hang in the balance.

“The descriptions are beautiful, the characters are well-written, and the story is great! I highly recommend this novel, and I can’t wait to read any books that the author publishes in the future!” Amazon review

Perfect for: Adults, fans of Contemporary Small Town Romances
Clean rating: G
For those who enjoy: Hallmark movies, Debbie Macomber, and Rachael Bloome’s Poppy Creek series

Purchase Love at On Deck Café here!

Joy’s Summer Love Playlist Deluxe by Piper Bee (this is my book!)

College-bound, music-loving Joy Becker has no plans for summer except to get her two best friends together. However, despite the clumsy fake dating agreement Joy has with her goofball BFF Cale, her gorgeous friend Lena still only has eyes for super charming Jin Park. Unfortunately, the love song in Joy’s heart starts to get in the way (and so does her overbearing brother, Carson). With the Deluxe Edition, find out what happens after summer’s over in B-Sides and Joy’s Beach Mix, where Joy keeps getting taken by surprise… in good ways and bad.

“This is definitely one of the best stories I have read this year and captures the beauty of summer, new love, and becoming whole in a powerful and incredible way.” Amazon review

Perfect for: Young Adult readers, summer-themed stories, Contemporary fans
Clean rating: PG-13
For those who enjoy: To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before, with an American-style K-Drama feel!

Purchase Joy’s Summer Love Playlist Deluxe here!


The Light Over the Broken Tide by Holly Ducarte

A young girl struggling with loss and seeing visions of her dead mother clings to the eccentric boy next door who thinks she is the key to solving an old Irish legend involving a mysterious lighthouse and sacred water that promises long life.

“Skillfully written and perfectly crafted, this book offers hope amidst grief and light in the darkness.” Goodreads review

Perfect for: Teens/YA readers
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: The Fault in our Stars, Girl in Pieces
Purchase The Light Over the Broken Tide here!

Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember by Angelina Singer

Vera Bartlet is a college student still dealing with regrets of a frustrating childhood. Her missing father and middle school bullies still haunt her present, and she’s never dated anyone. But when Uncle Edgar reappears with a time machine, Vera gets the chance to fix her past, present, and future.

“I laughed, I cried, and I felt every poke and jab. The characters were well-developed and the scenes came to life easily.” Amazon review

Perfect for: New Adult Readers, Time Travel and Coming of Age fans
Clean rating: PG-13
For those who enjoy: What John Green writing Back to the Future might sound like

Purchase Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember here!

Science Fiction

Rook Di Goo by Jenni Sauer

Rook Di Goo is a New Adult science-fantasy that reimagines Cinderella as a space cadet deserting from the military. Along the way she must confront the demons of her past, her long-held loyalties, and her insecurities over the place she might be finding among the space crew that’s taken her in.

“All of the characters are engaging, and there is much tea, snark, and slow-burn romance to be had.” Goodreads review

Perfect for: New Adult readers
Clean rating: PG-13
For those who enjoy: Firefly with a lighter, fairy tale twist
Purchase Rook Di Goo here!


Perilous Star by Alyssa Markins

Perilous Star is about a 21 year old girl named Kaeli who discovers she can control fire and gets invited to come to the Celestial Realm where she begins training to become the next zodiac Leo. While there, however, she uncovers an ancient power hell bent on destroying the zodiacs and dooming earth.

“Easy, yet incredibly absorbing, reading! A brand new world that will hook you up from Chapter 1 and will leave you wanting more! I know I am!” Goodreads review

Perfect for: New Adult readers
Clean rating: PG-13
For those who enjoy: Percy Jackson and Harry Potter who became adults
Purchase Perilous Star here!

The Blameless by E.S. Christison

A tyrant takes a young princess’s family and kingdom away and plunges her kingdom into chaos. She’s rescued by magic-wielders, the Blameless, who are gifted with powers from the gods in order to maintain peace. She must master her mysterious powers to avenge her family and take back the thrown.

“An engaging and exciting tale, truly the perfect approachable fantasy.” Indies Today

Perfect for: Middle Grade readers, Mystery fans
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: The False Prince and Ranger’s Apprentice
Purchase The Blameless here!

Cupids & Chaos (Hands of Fate Book One) by Darby Cupid

Since the dawn of time, blissfully unaware of each other’s existence, Cupids and Chaos have delivered Fate’s orders. When their paths finally cross, their worlds are changed forever. They should stay away from each other, but sometimes, Fate has plans of its own.

“A riveting tale of forbidden love with duty and honor.” Goodreads review

Perfect for: Young Adult/Teen readers, Romance fans
Clean rating: PG-13
For those who enjoy: Once Upon a Broken Heart & Shadow and Bone
Purchase Cupids & Chaos here!

Black Ice by Julia Blake

An exciting steampunk retelling of the beloved Snow White story. Join Princess Snow in a race to claim her throne against almost insurmountable odds. gaining allies along the way, including the Seven Dwarfs as you’ve never seen them before.

“A fairytale with a difference: kickass female leads, dark family secrets, evil plots, magic, romance, and epic airship battles. Hold onto your corset and goggles and prepare to fight for House White” Goodreads review

Perfect for: New Adult readers, Steampunk fans
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: Fairytale retellings with a twist such as Cinder
Purchase Black Ice here!

That’s all for Part One! Continue browsing Part Two and Part Three!

Clean Rating definitions

G-rated: very wholesome, no swear words, zero suggestive or sensitive situations

PG: light swearing, some suggestive or sensitive situations, still wholesome

PG-13: can be gritty at times, moderate swearing, steamy and/or violent but not graphic

R+: graphic or very graphic in one or many ways

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