Indie Book Gifting Series: Part Two

Oh boy, it has been one heck of a week for me, and that’s because of multiple un-fun things. So, I’m really happy that today I can focus on something that is fun, which is the second part of my Indie Book Gifting series!

The whole purpose of this catalog is to showcase some books that would make great gifts and lift up the authors who wrote them. I cannot tell you how hard it is to get your book out in front of people sometimes, so it’s my joy to offer a small space to these authors!

Be sure to check out Part one or Part three! And with part two, you’re going to be really happy if you’re a fantasy fan! Don’t forget, I also do offer some amazing titles in my Indie Nexus bookstore, which you can shop anytime.

Let’s get to it shall we!

Women’s Fiction

The Difference by C. D’Angelo

A woman seeking fulfillment and clarity of identity goes on an ancestry mission to reveal her Italian immigrant grandpa’s secretive past, meanwhile trying to repair her damaged romantic relationship and her own mental health.

“…a dash of mystery…, building momentum in soundly measured doses. For a fiction novel that reads like an earnest memoir,… an engaging and entertaining story with an supremely satisfying twist.” Indies Today review

Perfect for: Adult readers who like romance elements
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: the feel of Eat, Pray, Love with quirkiness of the Shopaholic series.

Purchase The Difference here!

The Things We Keep by Julee Balko

What would you keep of your mother’s after she dies? What secrets would you keep from your family? Serena is dealing with these questions while balancing grief, a scientific career, motherhood, and not hating her spouse. You know, the typical easy life of a woman.

“Every woman needs to read this amazing book. Whether your mother is living or has passed.” Amazon review

Perfect for: Adult readers, fans of literary fiction
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: Transcendent Kingdom, Crying in HMart

Purchase The Things We Keep here!


Royal Decoy by Heather Frost

Forced to become the princess’s decoy, kitchen maid Clare Ellington is thrust into a dangerous new world of royals and deadly politics. She must rely on her wits and Bennick, her distractingly attractive bodyguard, to keep her alive–especially when a ruthless assassin begins stalking her…

“This is a story that completely captured my attention from the very beginning and didn’t let go the whole way through…I’ve been craving a book like this!” Goodreads review

Perfect for: Young adult readers, romance fans
Clean rating: PG-13
For those who enjoy: Sarah J Maas and Mary E. Pearson

Purchase Royal Decoy here!

Lorden Awakening by Krislee Ellsworth

Magic hasn’t existed for three centuries, and the world is dying because of it. All seems hopeless until a young woman breaks free of a fog-bound prison and discovers that she holds the power to restore the world’s elemental powers. Throughout her journey, nature returns to harmony…or does it?

“[This] was a perfect fairytale adventure! It hit that sweet spot of being delightful, fun & magical but still having high enough stakes to keep you turning pages with heart racing at all key points.” Goodreads review

Perfect for: New Adult Readers
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: A Court of Thornes and Roses, The Books of Bayern

Purchase Lorden Awakening here!

One Iridescent Night: A Cinderella Retelling by Brianne Wik

One Iridescent Night is book 1 of a 3-part series, inspired by all of your favorite Cinderella tales, as well as twists that you won’t see coming. Perfect for romantic fantasy readers who love an accidental love triangle, swoon-worthy heroes and a dash of steam that may briefly fog up your glasses.

“One Iridescent Night is the ultimate comfort read. It feels like a blend of all my favorite versions of Cinderella with a hint of The Selection. A must read for fairytale lovers!” Goodreads review

Perfect for: Young Adult readers, fans of romance
Clean rating: PG-13
For those who enjoy: The Selection by Kiera Cass and A Dance with the Fae Prince by Elise Kova

Purchase One Iridescent Night: A Cinderella Retelling here!

The Heir by Benét Stoen

A gender-bent Hades and Persephone re-imagining with political intrigue, complex characters, and shocking twists that will keep you guessing until the very end.

“A dark, twisted debut that will appeal to dark fantasy lovers and anyone in search of a somber tale of revenge, the limits of one’s goodness, and the ugly face of power.” Goodreads review

Perfect for: New Adult readers
Clean rating: PG-13
For those who enjoy: Greek mythology retellings and deadly, dark royalty aesthetics

Purchase The Heir here!


Goldwater Ridge by Hanna Kaye

A laugh-out-loud adventure for the whole family! Clyde has never stolen a gold nugget. But the sheriff is convinced he’s an outlaw! Determined to prove his innocence, Clyde sets out on a quest to capture a mysterious bandit hiding in the mountains. But all is not as it seems in the lawless West.

“XXXXX” Goodreads review

Perfect for: Middle Grade readers, Western fans
Clean rating: G
For those who enjoy: Holes by Louis Sachar, By the Great Horn Spoon! by Sid Fleischman

Purchase Goldwater Ridge here!


Reality Dreamers by K.M. Frost

Fifteen-year-old Jonas Hartley shouldn’t be having nightmares anymore, but that doesn’t stop them from coming. When he learns that he isn’t the only one having these dreams, he teams up with a group of teenagers to explore the nightmarish world and uncover the mystery of their shared dream.

“I found myself laughing at the sarcastic humor, smiling at the heartwarming scenes, and on the edge of my seat during the suspenseful moments.” Goodreads review

Perfect for: Young Adult readers
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: Dystopian fiction

Purchase Reality Dreamers here!

That’s all for Part Two! Don’t forget to browse Part One (which also has a description of the clean ratings) and Part Three!

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