Indie Book Gifting Series: Part Three

Here it is! My final installment of the Indie Book Catalog, just in time for the biggest shopping weekend of the year! Be sure you browse Parts One and Two as well! You’ll be extremely happy with this part particularly if you’re a sci-fi fan!

Buying a book is only one of the many ways you can support the one-person business of your favorite Indie Authors. You can also share this blog series, connect with the authors on social media, request these books at your library, or chat about it at one of those dinners you may be attending this season!


Bluebird on the Prairie by Tasha Hackett

And unlikely connection between a grieving widow and a lonely traveler. Eloise prefers the quiet safety of home. Zeke is set for california. Full of wit and small-town charm, the story sucks readers in and doesn’t let them go until the final turn of the page.

“This story is extremely well crafted and well worth a read . . . Highly recommended for anyone who loves historical romance and authors such as Karen Witemeyer, Deeanne Gist, and Melissa Jagears.Interviews and Reviews review

Perfect for: Adult readers who enjoy Historical and Christian romance
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: Janette Oke, Karen Witemeyer

Purchase Bluebird on the Prairie here!


Nightshade Forest by Nikkie Mitchell

When eleven-year-old Eleanor receives a gift from her father, she never imagines it will open a portal to a fairytale world. Upon reading the first sentence of chapter one, she finds herself standing in the middle of Nightshade Forest—a dark woods with glowing blue and purple trees.

“This book is sure to be an instant favourite with young and old readers alike, and I can’t wait to join Eleanor on more adventures.” Amazon review

Perfect for: Middle Readers, portal fantasy fans
Clean rating: G
For those who enjoy: Magic Treehouse

Purchase Nightshade Forest here!

The Chaos Circus by R. Dugan

THE CHAOS CIRCUS follows amnesiac report Tessa LaRoche as she journeys to a whimsical, wicked Circus to reclaim a stolen possession. Teaming up with a fugitive member of the Circus, Tessa must undergo five trials to retrieve not just her missing possession, but the scattered pieces of herself.

“This is a wonderful debut, stand-alone tale with creative characters, an engaging heroine, tense romance, and shocking twists. Welcome to The Chaos Circus: you’ll never want to leave.” Amazon review

Perfect for: New Adult readers
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: The Night Circus, Caraval

Purchase The Chaos Circus here!


Perfection and Other Illusive Things by J. Mercer

What if you woke up one morning looking as perfect as you’d always hoped you’d be? What if you then went after all the things you were too afraid to chase after before? And what if that made everything go wrong, instead of right?

“This charming, gently philosophical coming-of-age novel provides a genuine look at perception, acceptance, and growing into oneself.” The BookLife Prize review

Perfect for: YA readers, Romance fans
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: E. Lockhart and Chelsea Sedoti

Purchase Perfection and Other Illusive Things here!

The Space Between Fire and Ashes by Stephen McClellan

After Aiden and Asia inadvertently foil each other’s plans to take their own lives, they enter into a twisted journey of self-discovery where they attempt to find healing freedom from their pain and freedom from their past.

“McClellan addresses the uncomfortable subject of teen suicide with wisdom and grace through an absolutely beautiful and refreshing love story” Amazon review

Perfect for: Young Adult readers
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: Exploring themes related to Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why and Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places

Purchase The Space Between Fire and Ashes here!

Science Fiction

Thief (Tales of Nottingham 1) by Savanna Roberts

The outlaw Robin Hood wreaks havoc on the realms, claiming the Sheriff of Nottingham’s prestige and power, and the Sheriff’s had enough. Discovering Robin’s weakness for damsels in distress, he forces Marion to go undercover to find the thief and turn him in.

“The characters are wonderful and real, and the plot is one I didn’t want to break away from and do life.” Goodreads review

Perfect for: New Adult readers, fans of Dystopian fiction and retellings
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: The Lunar Chronicles

Purchase Thief (Tales of Nottingham 1) here!

Moira by Nix Damon

Moira is a headache to everyone in her life – a misunderstood loner who pushes people away because it’s easier. After coming head to head with an obstinate shape shifter who hails from a star, she finds herself uncomfortably wedged in a family drama between brothers.

“Technically, this book is brilliant. Wildly imagined and vividly written, it is filled with characters both fierce and feral.” Goodreads review

Perfect for: New Adult readers, fans of magical realism and retellings
Clean rating: PG-13
For those who enjoy: Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland with an adult twist

Purchase Moira here!

Blood (Affinities Book 1) by Kirsten Krueger

When Adara Stromer finds out she has superpowers, all she wants to do is start fresh with a new group of people, have some fun, and eat donuts, but instead she’s thrust into a world where everyone has a different opinion of how she, an “Affinity,” should exist.

“Dozens of awesome superpowers, a bunch of compelling characters and a plot which kept surprising me, this book deserves no other place than among my favorites of all time.” Goodreads review

Perfect for: YA readers
Clean rating: PG-13

Purchase Blood (Affinities Book 1) here!

The Mirror Souls by Julia Scott

Follow Alana Cain as she takes a leap into the unknown when adventure is literally dropped into her pocket in the form of an illegal teleportation device…

“Intriguing characters, fascinating technology, and a cliffhanger ending pulled me in and kept me hooked. Sci-fi and sci-fantasy and YA romance blend together to create a story that has something for everyone.” Amazon review

Perfect for: YA Readers, dystopian fans
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: The Giver and Divergent

Purchase The Mirror Souls here!


The Supernatural Adventures of Ryan Bumble: The Cat’s Eye by Josh Langlois

A fun mystery that takes place in a small mountain town in Colorado where two friends stumble upon a mystery that could change their home forever. They must band together with new friends and kooky townsfolk to save everything they love.

“Purchased for my 11 year old son. He couldn’t put it down and read it in one day! He said it was great and he’s excited to read the next one!” Amazon review

Perfect for: Middle grade readers
Clean rating: PG
For those who enjoy: Scooby Doo meets The Hardy Boys

Purchase The Supernatural Adventures of Ryan Bumble: The Cat’s Eye here!

Thank you so much for browsing! There are so many special books listed here and I’m proud I get to display them for such amazing authors. Again, don’t forget to look through Part One and Part Two for a bunch more awesome titles! And be sure to let me know if you got one of these books for someone or for yourself!

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