The Bee Nexus

Welcome to the Bee Nexus. Nexus means connection, so here you will find different ways to support and be a part of a vibrant community of readers and authors.

The Bee Nexus exists in two parts: as a compilation of author and creator websites where you can connect with authors directly, and as a Discord server, where we interact as a group of book-loving people.

Below, you’ll find the list of self-published authors by genre of their most popular work. Some authors are yet to be published.

If you’d like an invite to the Discord server (whether you’re a reader, author, or book professional) email me at:


Renee Dugan

Nix Damon

Kirsten Krueger

Beth Alvarez

Pemberley Quinn

Science Fiction

Julia Scott

Angelina Singer


Holly Ducarte

Sarah Sutton

Writers not yet Published

Sania Jain

Varrick Kwang

Cait-Elise Vandiver


Becca Harris